Shop Local, Save a Store, and Support Your Neighbor

February 04 2020 – Krystal Bomhold

Buy local tag, shop local
Buy local tag, shop local

We've heard it every day for a while now: Another retail company is closing many or all of its stores. This recent phenomenon applies to every type of retail, but the malls are most affected by anchor stores and other big names shuttering their doors. Payless, Charlotte Russe, Sears, Victoria's Secret, and so many others have recently closed their doors for good or announced mass closings. Campus Den is not immune to this crisis. It's debatable if it's the online effect or something else, but it puts malls and many businesses into a tight spot.

The Retail Situation

The mall, as a conglomerate of stores, is on its way out. The mall is no longer the hot spot to be. While teenagers of yesteryear flocked to malls in droves, current teens are less likely to be found roaming the mall corridors or hanging at the food court. Many businesses are feeling the cool down as fewer consumers shop at malls. It seems that E-commerce has all but turned malls into ghost towns, but maybe that's not the problem. The online shopping boom is great for many businesses, but also terrible for physical retail locations that didn't adapt to the changing retail landscape. Here is your chance to save a few local stores while helping out your neighbor by shopping local.

Shop Local

While the mall may be full of large nationwide companies, it's also home to many local businesses as well as the lifeblood of the local people employed there. Located at local malls around Michigan, Campus Den is a Michigan-based business operating with hundreds of Michigan residents as employees. Our sister company, A-Game Apparel designs and decorates many of our garments in Mt. Morris, Michigan. We are the definition of local. Head to our store locator to find your closest store. If there isn't one near you, be sure to shop online. It's time to buy at the mall and team up, gear Up with Campus Den. Designed and Decorated in Michigan, in case you didn't know, Campus Den carries an exclusive line of merchandise from our sister company, A-Game Apparel.

A-Game Apparel

A-Game is a Michigan-based company that specializes in screen printing and embroidery on multiple types of garments. Founded in 2001, A-Game Apparel has been in the custom apparel business for nearly two decades. A-Game Apparel prides itself on being a leading licensee in the production of collegiate apparel and head wear for universities throughout Michigan. Situated in Mt. Morris, Michigan, A-Game employs an all Michigan-based staff who creates the best fan gear in the industry. You can find examples of A-Game's top-of-the-line offerings below.

Traditional Screen Printing

Using conventional techniques with an automated flair, A-Game can produce a quality T-shirt in as little as 8 seconds. Automation allows them to manage there 15 collegiate licenses efficiently and create consistent, quality apparel.

Embroidery and Embellishment

A-Game's embroidery and embellishment consist of multiple machines, all working in sync to create stitched garments. A-Game Apparel can sew 25 articles at one time, in a matter of minutes. The total time for each garment depends on the design. They can create custom orders and collegiate apparel with minimal staffing if necessary, which allows ultimate efficiency while maintaining quality.

Digital Print

A-Game's newest endeavor, direct-to-garment (DTG), also known as digital printing, is perfect for customized orders in small quantities. DTG printing allows A-Game Apparel to provide shirts on an on-demand basis, without having to hold a stock of pre-printed designs. The digital process is ultimately a money saver for our company, which allows us to give our customers the best prices possible.

Shop Local, Support Your Neighbor