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Campus Den Holiday Recycling

December 16 2019 – Krystal Bomhold

Recycling logo and promotion language
Recycling logo and promotion language

Save Money, Protect the Environment, and Feed Those in Need This Holiday Season

Starting Wednesday, December the 18th and continuing through New Year’s Eve, Campus Den wants to recycle your Amazon shipping waste. Instead of discarding your shipping container from Amazon, Walmart, or other online retailers, bring it to your local Campus Den location. You’ll save 10% on anything you can fit into the box, and then we’ll take it off your hands for recycling and supply you with a FREE reusable Campus Den shopping bag. We’ll also donate $1 to the North End Soup Kitchen in Flint, MI for each box donation we receive. This Christmas, let’s work together to clean up, give back, and support the communities we live in!

As more and more consumers turn to shopping online for the holidays, it’s the local community and the environment that pays the heavy cost of free shipping. “Campus Den wants to invite you and your families out of the house and into the malls for the full holiday shopping experience and give something back at the same time,” says owner John Dragomer. Bring us your shipping waste and make a difference with Campus Den.