5 Simple New Year's Resolutions

January 03 2020 – Krystal Bomhold

New Year's Resolutions gold font
New Year's Resolutions gold font

It's finally the new year! I'm sure many of you have resolutions set and are crushing them by now. However, if you don't have any idea what to resolve or aren't happy with the plan you've chosen, then this blog is for you. A New Year's Resolution is a promise to change how you do something in the new year. Campus Den has resolved to change how we use our blog. We will be blogging twice a week, and we will be venturing out in what we post. Our first post is 5 New Year's Resolutions to help you build self-confidence for bigger and better goals, with a little Campus Den flair. These resolutions are easy to achieve and will help fuel your sense of accomplishment for the year to come. No one said that a resolution has to be complicated. Mark one resolution that appeals to you and then get started working towards change.

  1. Make it to more games: Even one more game can add a little joy to your life. Hockey, basketball, football, anything that sounds fun, and take your friends or family to add to the excitement, or go by yourself and make new friends. The rules are yours to decide. This resolution could fulfill a broader intention, such as travel more or spend more time with family/friends.
  2. Support your alma mater: Whether you wear a T-shirt, carry a key chain, or donate money, this resolution is all about letting the world know where you went to school. Get together with other alumni to reminisce about the good old days, even if you graduated last year. Many schools have an alumni association. Find yours and start supporting your alma mater today. You can also help your school by buying officially licensed gear from retailers like Campus Den. Licensing royalties go to the university, so you support your alma mater and get gear to boot.
  3. Save money: You're going to spend money at some point this year, especially if you can complete the most popular resolutions of all time, eat healthier, and exercise more. If you're ready to accomplish these goals, then you'll likely need new clothes, but that doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune. Search out deals like our Campus Den, in-store only, Den Dollars. This allows you to get what you need, but keep money in your pocket at the same time. Two birds with one stone! We also have our in-store and online loyalty programs, Season Ticket and MVP, respectively. These programs offer 3% back on everything you spend, so it will be easy to save money at Campus Den this year.
  4. Get organized/Clean out the closet: Upcycle or donate those old clothes in your closet. If you'd like to get a few upcycling ideas for reusing old t-shirts and hoodies, check out my blog Pinterest boards. I will also be posting my attempts at re-purposing damaged or old items from around the Campus Den Corporate Office. This mini resolution is the perfect opportunity to be creative and carry out your goal to tidy up your life.
  5. Read: Reading one new book is easy, right? Well, then this last one should be a piece of cake. I'm suggesting reading something that appeals to you. It doesn't have to be a long book, or a classic novel, or even technically a book. Magazines and blogs will work too. Find the time to relax and actively resolve to spend more time on yourself.