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  • Mitten State Showdown

    Eight college teams from across Michigan face-off in four gridiron battles this Saturday. The GLIAC has three conference match-ups, while the MAC has one in-state game. The important information is listed below. It’s the perfect chance to make great use of this unseasonably warm weather. Catch a game in Ypsilanti, Big Rapids, Marquette, or Houghton this weekend.

    Western Michigan @ Eastern Michigan

    The Broncos take on the Eagles Saturday with a 4-3 record, and are 2-1 in the MAC, this year. Not the perfect season Western Michigan was hoping to repeat, but a winning season nonetheless. Eastern is 2-4 on the season and is hoping for another win to even that record out a bit, and to earn their first seasonal conference win.
    Date: October 21, 2017
    Time: 2:00 PM ET
    Location: Rynearson Stadium, Ypsilanti, MI
    Watch: ESPN3

    Saginaw Valley @ Northern Michigan

    The Cardinals are heading north to Marquette to take on the Wildcats in a GLIAC clash. Northern is struggling with only 1 win out of 6 games, with that one win coming in a conference game. Saginaw Valley is managing a little better on the season at 3-4, but like the NMU Wildcats, the Cardinals are 1-4 in the GLIAC.
    Date: October 21, 2017
    Time: 1:00 PM ET
    Location: Superior Dome, Marquette, MI

    Wayne State @ Michigan Tech

    The Warriors are trooping up to the U.P. to take on the Michigan Tech Huskies. Wayne State, like many of our Michigan GLIAC teams, is struggling. The Warriors are carrying a losing record of 1-4 in the conference and 2-5 for the season. Michigan Tech is also fraught coming into this conference match up. The Huskies need a win to even out their 2-3 conference and 3-4 season standings, and hope to do so on home territory.
    Date: October 21, 2017
    Time: 1:00 PM ET
    Location: Sherman Field, Houghton, MI

    Grand Valley @ Ferris State

    Last, but certainly not least, Grand Valley is travelling to Big Rapids to take on the Ferris State Bulldogs in the annual Anchor Bone Classic. Both teams are now ranked among the top 15 teams in the country for all national Division 2 polls. Ferris is 5-1 (4-1 GLIAC) on the season, while Grand Valley, who has played one extra non-conference game, is 6-1 (5-0). The Bulldogs and the Lakers are arch-rivals, with a long history of competition. This should be an outstanding game to watch either from home or in Big Rapids, if you can make it.
    Date: October 21, 2017
    Time: 1:00 PM ET
    Location: Top Taggart Field, Big Rapids, MI
    Watch: ESPN3 (Game of the Week)

    NOTE: The Michigan Wolverines are on the road at Penn State, but Michigan State is at home in East Lansing tomorrow, taking on our "other" southern neighbor, Indiana.

    Indiana @ Michigan State

    Date: October 21, 2017
    Time: 3:00 PM ET
    Location: Spartan Stadium, East Lansing, MI
    Watch: ABC

  • Red Cross Hurricane Relief T-shirt

    Together We Are Stronger Than Storms

    Campus Den and A-Game Apparel are donating 100% of proceeds from our Red Cross Hurricane Relief T-shirts, straight to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Shirts can be purchased online or in store. Join in on the giving, by buying one or more of our $10 Stronger than Storms T-shirts. The only money that isn’t going to Red Cross relief efforts is the tax and shipping, if it applies to your order. Those dollars and cents will go to directly to Uncle Sam and shipping costs. Every shirt you purchase benefits the American Red Cross, to support the relief and recovery of our families, friends, and many people affected by disasters big and small.

    Our employees have already purchased their shirts, and we hope you will too, because Together We are Stronger Than Storms.

    Campus Den Employees in Red Cross Hurricane Relief T-shirts

    **This T-shirt is officially sanctioned by the American Red Cross**

  • Guess the Score: Michigan vs. Michigan State

    Guess the Score with Campus Den

    It's the most wonderful time of the year. No, it's not Christmas, yet. It's time to "Guess the Score" for the best rivalry game in the Mitten. Michigan State takes on the University of Michigan, October 7, 2017, at the Big House. I'm here to break down the rivalry, and to help you "Guess the Score," with a fun, and less than qualified, look at team and game statistics. "Guess the Score" is now available. Be sure to read the rules before submitting your guess. Predict perfectly and you could score a $100 gift certificate from Campus Den.

    Current Stats

    We are two weeks away from game time, and the Wolverines are currently 3-0. Having already beaten Florida, Cincinnati, and Air Force, they play Purdue tomorrow, September 23rd. This will be the last game for Michigan before facing the Spartans, as September 30th is a bye week.

    Michigan State is 2-0 coming up to their game with Notre Dame tomorrow. They will have one last game against Iowa on the 30th, and then face the Wolverines on October 7th. Notre Dame and Iowa will be real tests for the Spartans, who are coming off a less than stellar last season. Is their 2-0 start evidence of a turn around this year, or a testament to the quality of teams they've faced thus far? We will see in these next two games for sure.

    Michigan is currently averaging close to 33 points per game, while Michigan State is only slightly behind that at approximately 32. The Spartans have kept their duo of opponents to an average of 12 points, while Michigan has been allowing slightly more at almost 15 points per game. These numbers could mean a lot for the respective seasons, but previous rivalry numbers are more in line with what to expect during this game.

    Below is an entertaining, and maybe helpful, breakdown of the Michigan and Michigan State rivalry results for the last 15 years.

    Rivalry: By the Numbers

    The numbers below are breakdowns of the scores and wins/losses over the last 15 years for the rivalry. Note that Michigan State has basically dominated wins for the last 10 years, so we had to go back a little farther to make things as close to even as possible. These are a few fun numbers to keep in mind when you make your guess, but also remember that Michigan's program appears to be on an upswing, and Michigan State has suffered lately, so that could also factor into your prediction. Michigan State almost never makes it easy for the Wolverines, so be prepared for great game either way.

    Average Score

    • Average Michigan Score: 25 (24.66666667 rounded for sanity's sake!)
    • Average Michigan State Score: 25 (Seriously, I did the math, but what are the chances? This is a good rivalry, after all)

    What could this mean:

    Your best guess could have a winning score near 25 for one team, and then + or - points for the other team, depending on who you want to win. Also, here's a word you thought you'd never hear outside of math class. The median score for Michigan is 23 points, Michigan State comes in with a median score of 27.

    Game Wins by Number of Possessions

    • Decisions by 8 points or less (one "possible" possession): 7 out of 15
    • Decisions by 9 points or more (two possessions required): 8 out of 15

    What could this mean:

    Your best guess could have a gap of 9 or more points, as 53% of games end in a 2-possession decision. This isn't a very dividing factor, but it should be distinguished that when one of these teams win by more than two possessions, it's often by more than two touchdowns (14 points or more). This has happened 7 out of the 8 games mentioned above.

    Average Difference Between Winning and Losing Score

    • Average score differential - MSU win: 15 (14.5 rounded)
    • Average score differential - Michigan win: 12 (12.1)
    • Average score differential: 13 (13.3)

    What could this mean:

    Your best guess could have Michigan State beat Michigan by as much as 15 points, or Michigan might be victorious over Michigan State by 12 points, or you can average it out and have your winner triumph by 13. TOO MANY NUMBERS!

    Wins at The Big House

    • Michigan State road wins in Ann Arbor: 3 out of 7
    • Michigan home wins: 4 out of 7

    What could this mean:

    Your best guess could be affected by who you believe has a better chance to win at the Big House, even though this statistic is a close call.

    Pick Your Winning Team (If You Haven't Already)

    Now that you have the numbers, you need to pick your winning team. Most people already know which team is "their" team. So, for those of you straddling the great divide, see our previous blog for a few more stats on team wins overall and links to more information.

    Guess the Score

    Use the information above if you'd like, use your intuition, or ask a friend, but most importantly, make sure you submit a guess for the final score. You can't win if you don't play. (My personal guess is a Michigan win, score 27– 19. Unfortunately, I can't win the $100 gift certificate, but you can; so, get to guessing before kickoff.)

    Buy Gear in Time for Kickoff

    While you're thinking about the statistics, lucky numbers, and the complete randomness that is "Guess the Score," you can shop for game time gear at Campus Den. Check out our 2017 apparel and fan gear for Michigan and Michigan State. We also have half Michigan, half Michigan State shirts. These items are perfect for a house divided. Likewise, talk a little smack during the game, without saying a word, using one of our infamous Smack shirts or signs. Whatever you require to show love for your side of the great divide, Campus Den has Michigan and Michigan State merchandise to suit your needs. We have two codes available if you get your order in before Monday (by 11:59PM, September 24, 2017). You choose the code that works best for you, but they cannot be combined.

    $5 off $50



    $10 off $100


    Get your order in now to guarantee it arrives before game day, and don't forget to Guess the Score.

    **This article is by no means a sure-fire way or guarantee to win. It's one way to look at the teams and guess the outcome. For clarity, any rounding was done as follows: .4 or less was rounded down, .5 and up was rounded up.**

  • Michigan State and Western Michigan Face Off

    Western Michigan vs. Michigan State

    Game Time: Western Michigan vs. Michigan State

    Western Michigan visits East Lansing this Saturday, September 9th, to take on the Michigan State Spartans. From what we've seen, Michigan State should be worried. Western Michigan did a phenomenal job last Saturday against USC, giving the Trojans a good scare, to say the least.

    The Broncos entered the fourth quarter going toe to toe with fourth ranked USC. The Trojans eventually finished the job, but Western held on until there was 7:54 left in the game. If Western Michigan gave the Trojans a scare, then Michigan State should be worried about having a heart attack, despite their winning record against WMU.

    Michigan State is hoping to bounce back from last season's lackluster performance. To do this, they need to view Western Michigan as a real threat to their season. Bowling Green last Saturday was an easy opener compared to what the Broncos are about to bring to Spartan Stadium.

    MSU needs to prepare for Western's running game most of all. If they CAN stop, or at least slow the Broncos ground game, the Spartans can force sophomore quarterback, Jon Wassinik, to use his arm to defeat them. Wassinik is inexperienced, and is the weak link for Western Michigan. The Spartans must exploit that vulnerability to win. Barring a supremely stellar offensive performance from MSU, it will be on the defense to win this game.

    Catch Western Michigan vs. Michigan State on Saturday at 3:30 PM ET. Prepare for the rest of the season with Michigan State or Western Michigan gear from Campus Den.

  • College Travel Mugs and Tumblers

    Show Off Your Love for College, and Coffee, with Travel Mugs and Tumblers - Campus Den

    Whether you forgot to set the alarm, or hit snooze one too many times, being late is stressful. Make the commute to work, or class, a little less difficult with a college travel mug. Because even though you're late, coffee is a MUST! While your here, check out the graphic below for a few java related facts.

    Coffee Facts
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  • 10 Things to do in Michigan - September

    10 Things to do in Michigan - September

    September is here. School is starting, summer is almost over, and fall is in the air. Football season has begun as well. Don't miss the opportunity to bring in fall with a fun-filled weekend around Mitten State. Here are 10 Things to do in Michigan in September. Note that not all events are directly connected with a university and none are directly associated with Campus Den. They are simply an event nearby. For the most part, these events are free or low cost, and most are also family friendly. Click the links for more information on each event, and be sure to wear your collegiate apparel during everything you do. Get out there and enjoy the rest of your summer.

    Important Note: SEPTEMBER 16, 2017 - Join Campus Den at the Autism Speaks Walk in Milford, MI. We will be there with our team of employees, family, and friends. We would love to see you there supporting the cause as well.

    Near Campus Den in Battle Creek

    Sunset on the Savanna

    Leave the kids at home for this event, and enjoy date night on the Savanna. Romance will be in the air as you and your date wine and dine under a sunset sky in Wild Africa at Binder Park Zoo. For a premium price, a limited number of guests can stay on the property and enjoy coffee and breakfast as you watch the animals return to the Savanna. This event is for guests 21 and older with valid ID.

    Near Campus Den Twelve Oaks

    Michigan State Fair

    The oldest state fair in the United States, the Michigan State fair is truly a celebration of agriculture and small business. Michigan's roots are bound deeply with the two, and the fair only gets bigger and better every year. This is the perfect time to wear one of our Regional T-shirts or hoodies to show your love for our great state at the Michigan State Fair.

    Near the University of Michigan

    Dancing in the Street

    The annual Dancing in the Streets event is held the Sunday before Labor Day in downtown Ann Arbor, and is free for everyone. Enjoy a variety of music and try an assortment of dance traditions on stage and in the streets. All the music and dancing, as well as mini concerts and children's activities, make this a perfect family outing.

    Near Ferris State University

    29th Annual Arts and Crafts Festival

    Big Rapids hosts the Labor Day Arts and Crafts Festival each year. The festival takes place at Hemlock Park and features over 100 vendors and draws over 10,000 attendees. Concessions, a climbing wall, and the Friends of the Big Rapids Community Library Used Book Sale will be there, too. This is a great day for the entire family!

    Near Campus Den in Muskegon

    West Michigan United Labor Day Parade

    As a nation, we celebrate Labor Day in honor of every American worker who contributes to the growth of our country. Michigan's west side celebrates with a parade in Muskegon. Watch the parade and enjoy the food, fun, and family entertainment in honor of your friends and family who drive the great American workforce.

    Near Campus Den in Birch Run

    Frankenmuth Autofest

    Entertainment, food, and great cars collide at this auto extravaganza in Frankenmuth. Over 2500 classic cars, street rods, and muscle cars will take over Little Bavaria. Come enjoy a weekend of fun and entertainment for all ages.

    • Where: Frankenmuth, MI
    • When: September 8-10, 2017
    • What to Wear: Regional Apparel

    Near the University of Michigan-Dearborn

    Old Car Festival

    Another car show, but this one comes with a twist. Only cars from 1890 to 1932 are shown at this antique auto festival. As America's longest running antique car show, the Old Car Festival is just one more way to show your love for Michigan's automotive history.

    Near Campus Den in Fort Gratiot

    Port Huron Hobo Fest 2017

    The Port Huron and Detroit Railroad Historical Society celebrates Port Huron's history as a fundamental international transport center, and the courage and ingenuity of those that rode the rails seeking work and adventure. Family friendly fun and entertainment abound at Hobo Fest 2017.

    • Where: Port Huron, MI
    • When: September 15-16, 2017
    • What to Wear: Regional Apparel

    Near Michigan State University

    Capital City River Run

    The route for the Capital City River Run includes scenic views of Michigan's capital city, Michigan State University's campus, and the Lansing River. Children's events occur on September 16, one day prior to the main events. Don't miss this opportunity to get the whole family involved in fun and fitness.

    Near Lake Superior State University

    Sault International Festival of Races

    The Sault Ste. Marie Festival of Races provides runners with a unique opportunity to experience the Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge like never before. You will also be able to run alongside the St. Mary's River set against the backdrop of beautiful fall foliage and cool eastern Upper Peninsula temperatures. Travel documents are not necessary.

    While most of these events don't have any direct connection to a university or team, be sure to wear your favorite team apparel, or Regional T-shirt, for everything you do! Take a picture, post it to social media, and use the tag #CDinMiSept, so we can see it. You will receive a code for 10% off a future purchase, and you could be featured on our Twitter and Facebook feeds. This will be our last list until next spring, but if you want your school or local event included on our blog, let us know through social media or the "contact us" link on our website.

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